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Wolfteam Sci-fi FPS MMO / Re: [Aeria - Joygame] Online Ban Checker
« on: January 04, 2017, 04:26:14 PM »
kiddaly1 - aeriagames
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Plat D3D Menu G3 Edition 2
Support ALL OS & Aeria & Joygame

[#Controller GUI]

[#Hack Menu]


  • Weapons (Get All In-Game Weapons)
  • Characters (Get All Characters In-Game)
  • NameESP (See enemy through walls)
  • No Recoil (A better Aiming)
  • No Spread (A better Aiming)
  • No Reload (Shoot unlimited ammo without reload)
  • RapidFire (Shoot so fast)
  • CrossHair (A better crosshair)
  • Unlimited Ammo (Get unlimited ammo)
  • Unlimited HP (Get unlimited HP)
  • Wolf Ability (Wolfteam wolf ability)
  • Wolf View (Wolfteam wolfview x6)
  • Speed Hack (Move and change weapons fast)
  • Super Jump (Jump so high)
  • Wall Shot (shoot through walls)
  • Ghost Mode (players won't be able to shoot or see you)
  • Early Respawn (Repsawn once you die)
  • Respawn where dead (Repsawn where you dead)
  • No Fall Damage (Won't get damage from high places)
  • Return to base (Ability to back to your base anytime)
  • No Heavy Weapons (Ability to use heavy weapons)
  • Fly Hack (Ability to Fly)
  • No Spread (Better Shooting) NEW
  • No Reload (Shoot unlimited bullets) NEW
[#How to use]
  • Open the hack
  • Wait for checking for update to end
  • Skip ads
  • Select wolfteam version
  • Select wolfteam launcher using the hack
  • Hack will auto bypass and inject
  • Press Insert to Hide and Show Menu In-Game

[#How to show hack ingame?]
Press Insert Key on your keyboard to Show/Hide The Menu
If you want more Characters and Weapons, Post Codes and name and i'll add them

[#How to skip ads?]

[#RAR Password]
Password: ph

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